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Lori Sharp

Even though Lori was raised in Kentucky, she’s a SoCal girl at heart.

Growing up heavily involved in music, exercise and fitness didn’t come into play until her mid 20’s. Soon after moving to California, she completed her first 5K and became passionate about racing. She was determined to rid herself of her back of the pack status and weak knees. After many races, and multiple failed sub 2-hour half marathon attempts, she received an invitation to participate in a Crossfit class by a coach who used to be a collegiate NCAA runner. Lori was extremely intimidated and hesitant but was promised many modifications and tailored workouts. 3 months after taking the first class she set a personal record at a local half marathon by 10 minutes. The only change to her running routine was incorporating strength training.

Since then she’s qualified and completed the Boston Marathon, Santa Rosa Ironman, and 50K trail races. Lori realized there is fundamental foundation needed in endurance athletes that involve more than sport specific training. She became passionate about helping others discover their true athletic potential and earned her Crossfit Level 1 certificate in addition to her group and personal fitness certifications. She’s constantly seeking out new information to develop her coaching abilities as well as her own personal training. She’s coached beginning runners as well as group strength and conditioning classes.

When not coaching, she can be found running, traveling, reading, biking, swimming, or hiking. Just look for the red ponytail flying in the wind.