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Bree Cochran

My passion comes from my people. Helping clients achieve goals they never thought possible gives me motivation everyday to continue to educate and develop myself as a coach.

I was an athlete all my life, two sports in college and never once thought I would be a coach for a living. After graduating college in 2008 and no jobs to be found, I decided to go back to school and pursue my Personal Training Certification. After six months and thousands of hours of practical and technical training I was an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. I worked as an independent contractor in for six months before pursuing a job at Mavericks Gym in Ventura, CA. 

Throughout the years at Mavericks my certifications expanded, USA Weightlifting, IKFF- kettlebells, CrossFit Level 1, among others. My position continued to increase, manger of group training classes, PT Department Manager, Owner of CrossFit 5171, and finally Fitness Director for the whole facility. One thing never changed, my love and passion for changing people's lives. The years at Mavericks taught me a lot about being a trainer, managing people, building a business and the role I could play in the Ventura Community.

What's next?! I will continue my work and study as a fitness coach, this type of work brings out the very best in me. I am also pursuing a new dream, to provide the best educational fitness facility for the people of Ventura County. I have a big vision, big goals and you all will be the first to know when the dream starts to become a reality!

In my free time I enjoy beach volleyball with the amazing women of Ventura on our amazing beaches. I love to study and read anything self-improvement: to really motivate people to do their best I believe I have to constantly be striving to reach mine. Birthdays are my favorite, especially both of mine! My family is the source of my strength and work-ethic, and enjoy spending vacations visiting them. There's a rumor out there I love donuts and my drink of choice is tequila...but you'll have to experience that for yourself!! 

My favorite quote comes from a sports movie (of course!):

"It's supposed to be hard! If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great." -A League of Their Own