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AJ Hebert

AJ was born and raised in Southern California. He was involved in sports and athletics from a young age. In addition to the typical baseball, basketball and soccer team sports, early on he found a love for extreme sports. Sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross.

It wasn't until after his teenage years that he gained interest in going to the gym. He began following the typical bodybuilding routine. While desperately trying to gain as much mass and view as many bodybuilding videos as possible, he found himself bored of the routine and ready to try something different. That's when he discovered the world of Crossfit. After a brutal first WOD there was no turning back. Fast forward a couple months, AJ was already at a Crossfit Level 1 seminar, excited about the possibility of not only improving his own fitness, but also having the opportunity to coach others. Now, five years later, he admits he still falls more in love with Crossfit each day.

After moving to Los Angeles from Ventura, AJ began coaching at Dogtown Crossfit in Culver City. He was there for three years, and in that time he expanded his coaching toolbox greatly. While at DT, he learned from there team of high level coaches. He also expanded his education by taking the Crossfit Power Lifting and Crossfit Strongman seminars. He is still continually striving to be better. AJ is always seeking further education on coaching while also improving his own Crossfit abilities. 

In early 2017 he moved back to Ventura and began rooting himself in the strength and conditioning community. Outside of the gym, you can find AJ at the beach surfing all year round, on the mountain snowboarding in the winter, and taking advantage of everything that living in California has to offer.