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Movement and Mobility Classes in Ventura

The Vent Human Performance Center specializes in the movement and mobility of the human body. Our Vent Movement and Mobility class is structured to improve performance, enhance your recovery, and prevent injury. From beginners to world-class athletes, this class is suited for all types of fitness levels. It is based on Dr. Kelly Starrett’s revolutionary human performance model that uniquely combines a movement-first approach and an athlete centric bias to achieve superior athletic and functional outcomes. Our Vent Movement & Mobility classes help athletes resolve old injuries, improve endurance, and prevent future orthopedic injuries and dysfunction. With thorough guidance and comradery, we strive to empower you for the better!

Live Your Best Life with The Vent Performance Center in Ventura County

Learn how to move better and live a healthier lifestyle with The Vent Human Performance Center in Ventura County! Our ultimate goal is to help you reach yours. At The Vent Human Performance Center, we are a safe space that fosters motivation, guidance, and hustle to help turn your health and fitness goals into a reality. Whether you are looking to lose weight, bulk up, or recover from an injury, we are here to guide you every step of the way. For over 20 years, our team of Mobility WOD Certified personal trainers are committed to helping you feel strong, healthy, and confident. We specialize in performance-based and injury-prevention movements! Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.