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Education, Connection, and Innovation: These mold our character, here at The Vent. They guide and shape our lives and our community every hour of every day.

Every expert, inventor and revolutionary, built on the knowledge that others laid before them. To this end, our entire team at The Vent: Human Performance Center will never cease to challenge and evolve our thinking; meet and raise the standards set before us; and work enthusiastically and honestly, to live up to and deliver on our core values, each and every time you walk through our doors.

Education is at the foundation of our core values system. Education is what makes our community and our society progressive. As the teachers and leaders of The Vent, we pledge to always move, research, and explore more than any of our students, even the most advanced ones; to respect all movement disciplines, beliefs, and levels of entry into our program; and to educate our clients to understand that we are all human first, movers second, and only then specialists.

Connection, is the heart of our values. The connections we make with all of our clients, as human beings; the ability to connect and see across all movement platforms; and our relentless pursuit to connect and transcend sport, training, movement, and life - because we believe that how you do anything, is how you’re gonna do everything.

Innovation. It is the spirit of passion, dedication, and curiosity shared by all of us at The Vent. It has been said that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Thus, we believe that the highest level of innovation is when you can take what you know, and deliver it to an individual in a way that makes sense to them. Our focus isn’t simply to help people reach a goal, teach a movement or even a skill, but to be sophisticated and innovative in our thinking so to help our clients understand the “why?” behind it - once you understand the why, the expression of what you do transforms itself.