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At The Vent, we help you discover your true potential. Join us for one of our Challenges. You can see all our upcoming events here.

Movement & Mobility

Work with our Mobility WOD-Certified personal trainers in a structured environment to improve performance, enhance your recovery, and prevent injury.


Our group training classes are an effective approach to maintain a healthy lifestyle while building personal connections in your fitness community.

Private Coaching

Your private coach works with you to identify your goals, access your movement ability, and design a program tailored to your specific needs.

The Best Gym in Ventura County

Personal training feel in a group environment

Welcome to The Vent Human Performance Center, the ultimate CrossFit training center and best gym in Ventura County committed to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. We are much more than your average gym! Education, connection, and innovation are the core values that mold our character and shape our community here at The Vent. Our motto is: We are all humans first, movers second, and only then specialists. Whether you are looking to get in shape, lose weight, or recover from an injury, The Vent is the place where health and fitness goals are bred for success. No matter what your motivations may be, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Exceptional Team of Ventura Personal Trainers

Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced Ventura personal trainers and certified nutritionists come from various backgrounds and have perfected an array of training and coaching skills. All of our personal trainers are Mobility WOD Certified which means we are experts in performance-based and injury-prevention movements. We specialize in pre-rehab, rehab, injury prevention, and performance improvement. The Vent works with your healthcare professionals to enhance your results and increase your quality of life. We will match you with the right personal trainer for your interests and goals. The Vent Human Performance Center offers a diverse assortment of wellness solutions that includes:

We are the go-to fitness gym in Ventura!

From the start, we take the time to identify your specific needs in order to help you reach your goals through education, encouragement, and personalized workout plans. The Vent Human Performance Center’s ultimate goal is to help you reach yours. We are a safe space equipped with the perfect blend of motivation, hustle, and guidance to help turn your health and fitness aspirations into reality. With over 20 years of industry experience, our gym in Ventura is equipped with the fitness knowledge and expertise to empower you for the better. Join our next Challenge to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle! Schedule a complimentary consultation with The Vent Human Performance Center today.